Lewis Chaplin
b. 1992, London, England


Artist website: lewischaplin.com

Image: from Lewis Chaplin’s Mercury, Roaming Projects 2017

Lewis Chaplin is an artist and publisher. He lives and works in London. Influenced by his studies at Goldsmiths, he is interested in an anthropological approach to images. An example of this is his ongoing project about Tristan da Cunha – the world’s most remote inhabited island. It was the subject of a recent exhibition at Roaming Projects and his research has been manifested in photographs, film, books and installations.

His most recent artist book, 2041, is published by Here Press and is a collaboration with an anonymous concealment fetishist, who is devoted to photographing himself in his collection of  various forms of drapery. The book investigates 2041’s obsession with self-concealment and the questions of identity to which it attends.

Alongside Sarah Piegay Espenon, Chaplin runs Loose Joints, an independent publishing house and design studio. They have published books by Oliver Griffin, Harley Weir, Richard McGuire, Marton Perlaki, Sean Vegezzi and have a forthcoming title with Samara Scott. From 2009 to 2014, Chaplin co-ran Fourteen Nineteen with Alex F. Webb, a project dedicated to supporting young photography. He was also an organiser of the Copeland Book Market, an annual event for printed matter which ran from 2010-2015.