Cecilia Ceccherini
In partnership with the Art for the Environment Programme (AER), University of the Arts, London

Pictured: Studio practice, dyeing with rubia tinctorium.

Arts for the Environment: program website

In partnership with the University of the Arts, London, Art for the Environment (AER) program, recent graduate Cecilia Ceccherini joins us in Spoleto to develop her practice, which intersects design and conceptual art. Two questions focus her current research: “How can we design more sustainable futures? How can we change our relations with materials, resources and ways of production?” Most recently she has been working with textiles, which she considers as sculpture, pictorial surface and an object of daily use.

She says, “Through symbolic representations, I aim to raise awareness by revealing the relations that we entertain with the other living beings. Images and colours, on the surfaces of everyday objects, carry values and concepts that can trigger processes of social and political change. My works are usually performative and the audience activates and completes the artwork. In this sense, the installation becomes a space of relation.”

Cecilia has studied for an MA in Decoration (Arts & Crafts) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Torino (IT) and subsequently an MA in Textile Design at the Chelsea College of Arts, London (UK). Recent exhibitions include: SOS Cotton Candy, curated by Clara Madaro and Katiuscia Pompili, Torino (IT); Proyector Video-Art Festival, directed by Mario Gutiérrez Cru, Madrid (SP); Robots, now, please! #2 Emergency Landing Instructions, curated by postworkhabitat and Communion, Macao, Milan (IT).

The AER program was set up to explore concerns that define the twenty-first century—biodiversity, environmental sustainability, social economy, human rights—and through artistic practice, to envision a world of tomorrow. It was founded by internationally acclaimed artist Lucy Orta (UAL Chair of Art for the Environment – Centre for Sustainable Fashion) in 2015. Through personal research and studio production time the residency provides a platform for creative individuals working across various disciplines, to imagine and create work that can make an impact on how we interact with the environment and each other.