Katherine Finkelstein
Artist in Residence

Image: from the series ‘America’ 2018

Katherine Finkelstein is a photographer based in New York. Her current projects follow two trajectories. Her ‘Spirit Ditties’ series are a set of multiple-exposure cyanotypes and photograms employing prisms as lenses. This work explores the photographic process itself, as a medium which navigates between material and immaterial realities via memory and time. Additionally, she is working with the genre of landscape photography. She describes her ongoing series ‘America’ as an investigation into “scale and human perception, deep time, architecture, environment and the sublime” in a moment of reactionary American politics.

Finkelstein received her BA from the Bard College Photography program and completed her MFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Low-Residency program in the summer of 2017. She runs Motherbox Gallery, a natural-light exhibition space, out of her apartment.