Luka Savić
b.1990, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Letatlin sketch_Luka_Savic_lowres

Image: Luka Savić’s Sketch for Revolution and Letatlin (2015)

Luka Savić is an artist working in a variety of media, particularly in installation. His practice is informed by his studies in philosophy at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. He went on to study fine arts at the AVA Academy of Visual Arts in the same city. In a recent work for the 31st Biennial of Graphic Arts in Ljubljana, curated by Nicola Lees, he made a half-scale copy of Vladimir Tatlin’s flying machine Letalin. Savić’s version floundered on the floor, upside down, a comment on the utopian visions of Soviet era art.

In his current studies Savić is working on iconographic issues in art and the history of art. During his residency this summer he will begin to explore these interests in the Umbrian context with reference to the work of Francis Yates. After his residency he plans to apply to the Warburg Institute to pursue these interests further.

Since 2010 Savić has worked as an assistant of Miran Mohar, who is a member of the group IRWIN. He has exhibited across Europe.