Duval Timothy
Mahler, The Song of the Earth – Playlist

As the ‘Mahler, The Song of the Earth’ open call awardee, Duval Timothy spent a month in Spoleto in April 2021 working from the music room in Casa Mahler and exploring the music of Gustav Mahler. You can learn more about his research by visiting his artist page here and you can read about the Mahler Foundation’s ‘Mahler, The Song of the Earth’ project here. Duval has produced a playlist for us, relating to his research. He writes:

This is a playlist of music that inspired me during my time on the Mahler ‘Song of the Earth’ residency in Spoleto, Italy. During the residency I surrounded myself with Gustav Mahler’s music, his life story and his world view.

This is music that informed the work I started to create on the residency at the Mahler & Lewitt Studios and have been developing since. Mahler’s work, and much of the music here, has been transformational for me. It’s music that when given time, is generous in return. 

Thanks to the Mahler & Lewitt Studios, Guy Roberston, Typhaine Delaup, Marina Mahler, Morten Solvik and Mahler Foundation.