Kolxoz Collective
Quasi-Book: on poetry, bureaucracy and alibism


14.07, 17.00–18.00
Radio2Mondi, Piazza Mentana, Spoleto
Book Launch

with Viaindustriae, FuoriFestival

We are excited to launch a new publication by Tiraspol–Prague–Chisinau based Kolxoz Collective (Viktor Vejvoda, Czech Republic; Maxim Polyakov, Moldova; and Anton Polyakov ,Transnistria). At the core of Kolxoz Collective’s practice is a belief in the radical potentiality of printed matter to create communities and act as a platform for socio-political self-reflection and conversation. As well as self-publishing, they stage events and performances: creating temporary publishing houses and distribution centres, hosting workshops, open studios and social spaces such as coffee bars and clubs. Kolxoz Collective were awarded the Viaindustriae and Mahler & LeWitt Studios Quasi-Book: Artist Publisher award in 2021. The residency supports experimental and alternative approaches to artists’ publishing, facilitated by research in the Viaindustriae Archive and the De Donno Collection as well as participation in Quasi-Book, a hybrid art space hosted during the Festival dei Due Mondi 65, presenting studio activity, hosting events and exhibitions, as well as the daily running of a bookshop. The new publication documents their residency in Spoleto whilst acting as a new temporary manifesto for the collective.