Artists in Residence


jocjonjosch working in the Torre Bonomo
jocjonjosch is the Swiss-English art collective of Jocelyn Marchington, Jonathan Brantschen and Joschi Herczeg. Joschi studied at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, whilst Jonathan and Jocelyn were both at Chelsea College of Art & Design, London. They have been working together since 2009. 

Their work, which includes performances, sculptures, paintings, photographs and videos, are expressesions of the world they experience, specifically a world shaped by their relationships with others and with each other.

Recently these relationships have been expressed through their photographic paintings in which jocjonjosch manipulate the photographic process by wrapping the paper around their bodies whilst exposing it to light, or by scratching the surface from the print.

Their processes and techniques are often conflicted and result in uncertain resolutions, which bring into question distinctions made between oppositions like production and destruction, efficiency and waste, purposiveness and pointlessness.